We specialise in the design and publication of books. We will nurture your cultivated writing into a finished product. The Production Manager will coordinate copy editing of your material, typesetting of the text and figures into a page layout, proof reading of the typeset pages, indexing of the content and manufacturing of the finished book. He or she is responsible for creating, communicating and monitoring the production schedule for your book and ensuring quality and accuracy in the finished product.

Politistikou Trapezas Kyprou
Paidiatriki gia olous
O kosmos tis Kyprou se pilo
Mazi diatrofikes diataraxes
Istoriko tou xoriou Assias
H kouzina tis agapis
Cyprus on Historical Maps
Gefsi kai Paradosi
Diaxeirisi Taxis
The Church of the Holy Cross
Oi goneis ekpedevonte
H Episkopi Kouriou